Balance of Plant (BoP) Services

Lending support to all aspects of offshore construction

The support systems and structures beyond the actual wind turbines of an offshore wind farm are collectively referred to as the Balance of Plant (BoP).

This includes:
  1. Turbine Foundations & Scour Protection Systems
  2. Inner Array Cables & Export Cables
  3. Offshore and/or Onshore Substations

The scope of inspection varies from country to country. They consist of structural inspections above and below water (GVI/CVI, NDT, bolt tension); statutory inspections and maintenance of life-saving appliances, fire-fighting equipment, lifting equipment, and electrical installations. Maintenance is carried out condition-based or planned based on the manufacturer‘s manuals. These services are performed by teams of multi-disciplined and certified technicians at the offshore wind farm.

Such a complex and site-specific logistics setup requires tailored planning. With our intercompany experience across CTV, SOV, and helicopters we will always find the most efficient transportation solution. This extends as well to Operation and Maintenance (O&M) base setup, agency services, and coordination services.


  • Exxon
  • Shell (Rope Access, Petrochemical Plants Singapore)


  • Rope-Access works including CVI/GVI, NDT inspections, coating repairs, and mechanical works
  • Subsea inspections, repair, and maintenance by Divers, ROV, and AUV
  • Bathymetric Surveys and Depth of Burial Surveys performed from CTV, daughter crafts, USV, or dedicated survey vessels
  • Mechanical/Electrical works on Foundations and OSS
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Thomas van der Laan

Project Manager