Rescue Helicopter

Making every second count

Time plays a major role in emergencies. Reaching patients quickly and providing timely treatment is critical for saving lives. Our offshore wind farms are located at a considerable distance from the mainland. To span the distance in the event of an emergency, speed is key. Together with our partners at Northern Helicopter GmbH we make every second count.

Each helicopter boasts the latest technology and modern emergency medical equipment. Among the medical apparatuses available onboard are monitors, ventilators, ultrasound, a mechanical CPR device, etc.

The offshore rescue station in the North Sea is located in St. Peter-Ording. For the Baltic Sea region, a rescue helicopter is stationed in Güttin on the Island Rugia (Rügen). Both stations are staffed 24/7 with a flight and medical crew. This guarantees short flight times to the wind farms to reach sick and injured individuals around the clock. In the event of a technical failure of one helicopter, an equivalent replacement is always on stand-by.


North Sea
  • Albatros
  • Alpha Ventus
  • Amrumbank
  • BARD Offshore 1
  • Butendiek
  • Deutsche Bucht
  • Global Tech I
  • Hohe See
  • Merkur Offshore
  • Nordergründe
  • Nordsee One
  • Nordsee Ost
  • Riffgat
  • Trianel Windpark Borkum
Baltic Sea
  • Arkona-Becken Südost
  • Baltic 1
  • Baltic 2
  • Wikinger
  • Cable installation company


Offshore Platforms
  • BorWin alpha
  • BorWin beta
  • BorWin gamma
  • DolWin alpha
  • DolWin beta
  • DolWin gamma
  • DolWin kappa
  • HelWin alpha
  • HelWin beta
  • SylWin alpha


  • Experienced paramedics certified according to the German Notfallsanitätergesetz (NotSanG)
  • Regular general medical health care for all persons in the project
  • Care of critically ill or injured people 24/7
  • Medical treatment during rope-assisted rescue from wind turbines, from depth, and confined spaces
  • Continuous medical training on-site, e.g. first aid for the emergency team or the crew
  • Taking over selected activities on-site in the area of Health-Safety-Environment

Katja Rehage

Project Manager