Medic at wind farm

Access to medical care at all times

We place a high priority on giving employees at wind farms a sense of security and wellbeing. We do this by providing access to medical advice and care at all times.

The paramedic stationed within the wind farm plays a vital role in the preventative medical care offered to employees. Our paramedics become integrated into the operating processes of the wind farm, the platforms, as well as the service vessels. This allows them to be present on-site and available when needed.

Expert care in the event of an emergency

If the need should arise the paramedic can seek the advice of an emergency physician by telemedicine consultation. This allows them to perform any necessary treatments, especially in life-threatening emergencies, until the arrival of the rescue helicopter. This includes treatments that are normally reserved for a physician, such as the supply of highly potent painkillers.

In emergencies, employees can rely on immediate care. These services are carried out by the paramedics of our partner Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. who act as the link between first aid and the emergency medical care of a physician.


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  • Oil rig Mittelplate



  • Experienced paramedics certified according to the German Notfallsanitätergesetz (NotSanG)
  • Regular general medical health care for all persons in the project
  • Care of critically ill or injured people 24/7
  • Medical treatment during rope-assisted rescue from wind turbines, from depth, and confined spaces
  • Continuous medical training on-site, e.g. first aid for the emergency team or the crew
  • Taking over selected activities on-site in the area of Health-Safety-Environment

Katja Rehage

Project Manager