Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) & Blade Services

Supporting the entire lifecycle of offshore wind farms

Building on years of experience in onshore wind turbine maintenance, we have successfully adapted our services for the offshore environment in recent years. During the operation of the wind farms, our services cover the entire inspection, maintenance, and repair lifecycle. We can successfully lead all activities related to the operation. Our involvement in the operational services starts at the very beginning with the maintenance of met masts and their subsequent deconstruction when they are no longer needed. All services are done by our in-house departments and subsidiary companies of our shareholders. This allows for seamless integration of all services without a major need for 3rd parties.

Keeping an eye on the details

At the forefront of our activities are our inspection services. These range from routine inspections by technicians, to autonomous drone inspections of the tower and rotor. We utilize our unique in-house-developed drones dedicated to offshore use coupled with intelligent analytic software for processing the raw data. The results of the data are fed into our in-house inspection database. This enables quick and clear data sharing with our clients at any time.

Our services range from statuary inspections; to yearly inspections; exchanges of small and major components, and blade repairs. We can supply handling material; personnel; or entire campaigns, fully tailored to the clients’ needs.

At Windea our WTG and Blade services are complemented by maritime logistics, onshore Operation and Maintenance (O&M) bases, helicopter, and Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS). Our uniquely structured joint venture allows us to offer these services in a transparent, comfortable and safe way for our clients.


  • Nordsee Ost (Metmast)
  • Nordsee One (Maintenance campaigns)
  • Trianel Windpark Borkum (Maintenance campaigns)
  • Thornton Banks (Major component replacements)


  • Inspection services: Statuary inspections, drone, and manned inspections, analytic tools, database, and asset management tools
  • Maintenance: Troubleshooting, yearly maintenance
  • Repair: Major component exchanges and blade repairs
  • Project and QHSE management, engineering, and documentation
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Thomas van der Laan

Project Manager

Björn Schulz

Project Manager (Drones)