Training Services

The safety and technical qualifications of the operating personnel play a critical role throughout the entire plant cycle and value chain.

Safety and technical qualifications are fundamental prerequisites for the integrity of the employees, the minimization of immanent risks at exposed work sites (on land and at sea), and the quality of the work performed. They are also an integral part of work approval procedures and accident insurance protection.

Seeing eye to eye :
Our commitment as your service provider

There is a wide range of differences between each WTG’s plant technology, operator requirements, HSE regulations, material and tools used, the rescue concepts, and each company’s procedures. Training courses should therefore be designed to meet the specific needs of each client and the desired outcome of their project. We are committed to seeing eye to eye with you and your employees to ensure safe, high-quality training.

Tailor designed training courses

We design safety and technical training courses tailored to our customer’s specific needs. Everything will be carefully planned from the training content, the materials used to each company’s work-related processes. This allows us to offer training courses that are relevant to each customer’s aims. The training modules will also meet all inherent requirements set by the respective bodies that issue, regulate, and certify training guidelines. As well as adhere to all applicable national and international laws.

Our training services generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Safety training (safeskills)
  • Technical training (techskills)
  • Additional professional qualifications (addskills)

Safety training is conducted at our state-of-the-art training facility in Elsfleth (30 km north of Bremen). Technical training takes place at our technology training center in Wilhelmshaven. We can also offer you the option of conducting a variety of training courses at your company headquarters or onsite.


83 National and international customers

50 Service providers
  • 27 Specialist companies
  • 8 Recruitment Agencies
  • 6 Paramedics/HEMS
  • 9 Maritime Services (Shipping Companies, Ship Owners)
09 Operators (grid/WTG)
08 Authorities/Certification companies
07 Manufacturers
06 HSE/Consulting companies
05 Non Wind
04 Diving companies
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Caspar Spreter

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