Materials Management


We provide our customers with full-service material management. This encompasses the complete management of testable operating materials, commodities, and consumables, as well as handling all mandatory logistical core services. Material tracking across all levels and users is made possible with software-based real-time management. Secure access to the software is available via a web browser or app from anywhere. This guarantees a constantly updated database, allowing reports (certificates, delivery notes) and lifecycle files to be generated and accessed in real-time without the need to buy additional expensive equipment.

Our service creates safer working environments and minimizes material loss for our customers.

In addition to the wide range of services, customers rely on Windea’s rapid deployment and reliability. Our team of trained service technicians takes care of survival suits made by the manufacturer Ursuit, as well as life jackets made by the manufacturers Secumar, Mullion, SMRT, Besto and Spinlock.

The legally required testing according to DGUV of PSAgA, electronic devices, and lifting equipment is carried out by our testing service directly onsite or in-house.

With our PPE rental service, we supply our customers with tested high-quality equipment and minimize the service effort and downtimes on the customer side.


  • Orsted Wind Power Germany GmbH
  • Vestas Deutschland GmbH
  • Northland Power Europe GmbH


  • Full-service material management
  • Inspection of PPE
  • Inspection of tools, lifting equipment, electronic devices, anchor points, etc.
  • PPE rental service for on- and offshore operations
  • Certified service station for Secumar, Spinlock, Mullion, and Besto life jackets
  • Certified service station for Ursuit survival suits

Katja Rehage

Project Manager