September 26, 2022

German cleantech start-up ANNEA expands into the offshore wind energy market with its predictive maintenance platform

HAMBURG – In May, ANNEA announced their € 1 million funding round. The round was co-led by two European VCs (Venture Capital Companies) from the tech and energy sectors, Bernhard Schulte Innoport and Faber Ventures. The investment enables ANNEA to establish its Digital Twin platform in the international renewable energy market and among global industrial players.

ANNEA enables wind turbine operators to reduce their operating costs by 50% while increasing annual energy production by 15%, without installing additional hardware. Intelligent failure predictions and prescriptive measures help to avoid unplanned downtime and underperformance of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

ANNEA provides state-of-the-art Digital Twin technology – a digital representation of the physical wind turbines and their components based on data. It is not just a visual 3D representation of the turbine, nor is it a simple data visualisation as a monitoring solution. ANNEA uses the sensors and data sources already in place to feed data into the digital twin, creating a digital copy for analysis and prediction.

Most modern turbines are equipped with so-called SCADA systems, which generate a huge amount of usable (SCADA) data that can usually be accessed without additional costs (hardware). Algorithms developed in-house over many years enable ANNEA to provide reliable 12-month failure predictions at component level with 99.9% accuracy and detailed root cause analysis of performance issues based solely on (SCADA) data.

ANNEA relies on over 10 years of international industrial research and development in predictive maintenance for wind turbines, machine learning (ML) and reliability modelling, combined with data from about 5,500 turbines over a full operational lifetime of up to 25 years.

The maturity of the product and its technological differentiators motivate ANNEA to aim for a global market share of 60% and to help achieve net-zero emissions with every more efficient turbine.

“Through our shareholder Innoport, which is part of the Schulte Group, we are connected with the company WINDEA Offshore from Hamburg and are pleased to have WINDEA, with its excellent network and extensive expert knowledge, at our side as a strong partner for sales in the offshore wind sector”, says Marcel Frenzel, Managing Director of ANNEA.

Both ANNEA and WINDEA will be present at the world’s leading trade fair WindEnergy Hamburg this year and will actively place their products on the market. From 27.09.2022 to 30.09.2022, ANNEA will be exhibiting at WindEnergy Hamburg 2022 at stand B7 JIU.012. Its partner WINDEA Offshore can be found together with its shareholders and other partners at stand B4.EG223.



ANNEA is a German GmbH founded in 2019 and based in Hamburg and Lisbon. ANNEA provides a Digital Twin platform for automated predictive maintenance and performance optimisation of renewable energy assets. ANNEA combines expertise from the renewable energy industry, competence in engineering, machine learning and reliability modelling, and brings together predictive maintenance modelling techniques that do not rely exclusively on AI.

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