July 28, 2020

Merkur Offshore Wind Farm – How the WINDEA Family lends a hand for this project

Offshore Wind Project Merkur

HAMBURG – The fact that our SOV WINDEA Jules Verne is now put into service in the Merkur offshore wind farm is not our only contribution to this offshore project. Within our WINDEA family we are involved as follows:

In the future our shareholder Ems Maritime Offshore (EMO) is the owner’s agent for the SOV WINDEA Jules Verne of our other shareholder Bernhard Schulte Offshore and responsible for the crew change in Eemshaven.

On board at the SOV is an offshore paramedic (German Notfallsanitäter) from our partner Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. who is taking care of the medical health of the technicians and crew.

In addition, EMO operates the service base facility at its own terminal in Eemshaven, which Merkur Offshore GmbH will use for the next few years. EMO´s CTV “WINDEAone” is 24/7 in operation for GE Renewable Energy and ensures the transfer of crew and cargo during the 2020 maintenance season.

During the installation phase our shareholder Buss Offshore Solutions was assigned for the handling, storage and pre-assembly of 66 WTG components. Moreover, the pre-assembly of the full towers and the provision of heavy lift equipment and qualified personnel was within their scope.

We also offer services for the wind farm operator Merkur Offshore GmbH. As part of our WINDEAcare concept we provide the emergency medical dispatch & support center and with our partner Northern Helicopter GmbH the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS).

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